Dairy Day presents CRUST™ 20sec TVC


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Celebrate the moment to taste the perfect blend in our CRUST™ series with a glorious taste of real chocolate – Choco Royale, Choco Almond and Choco Vanilla.

Savour all the pleasure in the world with the Premium ice cream dipped in real chocolate…it’s CRUSTWORTHY!


New arrival: Dual & Zigzag!


Dual (Strawberry & Blackcurrant)
Zigzag (Lemon & Pineapple)

Few things are as irresistible as ice cream during summer. Beat the heat with our all new range of Dual and Zigzag! These are available in uniquely designed variants that are sure to delight kids looking to get their hands on something cool, fun and yummy. Zigzag is a twisted combination of Lemon and Pineapple while our double treat with Dual is a combination of Strawberry and Blackcurrant. It’s a dual pleasure with twice the taste!

These new arrivals are sure to make this a memorable and cool summer holidays! Stick to it!